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The JGenerator is the web server production application that can dynamically combine text, graphics, and sound to build rich Flash content. The JGenerator is a free alternative to and analog of the Macromedia Generator. It supports most of the Macromedia Generator features, uses the same data format, the same set of commands and emulates its behavior.

Designers use the Macromedia Generator authoring extensions (Generator Objects) to create templates that contain variable elements (graphics, text, and sound) to be replaced with content provided by a data source (text files, databases, and so on). Then JGenerator reads the template, performs all substitutions and commands, and generates a Flash player movie which can be played back in the client's browser. The JGenerator frees designers from the tedium of updating Flash movies each time they make a small change to the content.

The JGenerator can work in two modes: online and offline. In online mode JGenerator runs under a web server and generates Flash movies by request from the client's browser. In offline mode the JGenerator runs in command line and generates static (.swf) movies which can be played back or used in any other possible way.

The JGenerator provides Java-based API which can be used by software engineers to dynamically build Flash movies either from a standalone program or from a servlet. The API fully covers and supports all versions of Flash file format (.swf, .swt) up to current version 5.

The product is constantly evolving, if now it does not provide all the functionality which the Macromedia Generator does, it will do it shortly. It emulates the Macromedia Generator behavior and functionality, but it is NOT the Macromedia Generator, it is a completely different product inside which was written from scratch. It has its own unique features in addition to those from Macromedia Generator.

The JGenerator is an open source project and is covered by Apache style license. It means that the source code is free and everybody can get it and do whatever she wants to do with it providing that all the license requirements are met. It also means that you can and you are encouraged to participate in the developing of this project.

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